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Architecture is anything but fixed, we at TAA group are in the business of improving the standard of living both indoors and outdoors, we strive to provide an adequate way by promoting healthy design standards and environmentally friendly buildings. Architecture is known as the only career in the world that equally merges creative Arts and researched Sciences to realize the core purpose of an Architect, we have taken it upon ourselves the responsibility of interpreting the coexisting of all the aspects of Architecture into one theme - Archi-smart; takes Green energy, creativity, healthcare, Affordable housing under one umbrella to have a Healthy design of both the public and the private space. TAA Group LLC and NASA Studies invented the Intelligent Wall System.

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TAA Group launches Natural Advance Systems in Architecture - NASA -

TAA Group together with NASA Studies introduces the Intelligent Wall System

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Contact TAA Group and NASA Studies - Natural Advanced Systems in Architecture - Research at:
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