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TAA Group is an International studio for Architecture, Planning, Design, Project Management and the fusion of information Technology led by Tayo A. Ayanlola. Our team consist of a group of young visionary Planners, Architects, Data Analysist and scientists that believe in the concept and reality of well-being. We coined the term ARCHI-SMART, Archi-smart stands to the notion that the improvement of the environment cannot be exclusive from the occupants in buildings, we co-exist; we are under the believe that the relationship between indoors and outdoors is a constant design struggle and our goal and central concern is to merge the two. As Planners / Architects and Project Managers our role in society is to improve the standard of living, it being indoors or outdoors. TAAG's standard of Design whether it is Residential, Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational or Retail not only saves life, but also reduces the healthcare cost and burden laid on individuals. We want to harness our design's ability to empower people and transform communities and organizations. Our focus is to use our skills to provide energy conscious buildings that take Architecture to the next level without the burden of cost. We are an entrepreneurial firm, flat and non-hierarchical, that emphasizes teamwork, innovation, and the creation of real value. We have organized ourselves around our clients, and our goal is to work effectively with them wherever they have a presence.

TAA Group and NASA studies together introduces TAAG Development.


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TAA Group launches Natural Advance Systems in Architecture - NASA -

TAA Group together with NASA Studies introduces the Intelligent Wall System

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Contact TAA Group and NASA Studies - Natural Advanced Systems in Architecture - Research at:
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