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TAA Group joins Archello online.
Green Architecture lecture series continues in Arlington, Texas - June 21, 2015.

Natural Home

Nov 1, 2015 — Thinking Ahead: The Next 10 Years of Green Building Construction.

Lecture Series

Nov 11, 2015 — Daylighting in Public buildings and Energy saving tips continues.


TAA Group LLC and NASA Studies releases the Intelligent Wall System, a technologically advanced Wall system that changes colors with a click of a button.

TAA Group launches NASA Studies [Natural Advance Systems in Architecture], Project and research details info to follow soon.


Tayo Ayanlola collaborates with NASA Studies to introduce the patented "Intelligent Walls"

The Intelligent Wall system would be installed in Hotel buildings this summer.



NASA studies and TAA Group led by Tayo Ayanlola introduces the "Intelligent Wall" system.

The Intelligent Wall makes its way in the news....

Energy Buildings - Architecture Today continues....

June 10, 2015 to January 3, 2017 - Lecture series at Arlington, Texas continues.

Green Building Summit - Tayo Ayanlola would be delivering a lecture on Construction Management and Green building Standards in Texas.

NASA studies along with TAA Group LLC study and carry out researches into building materials that simulates life.

NASA studies and TAA Group bring Healthy well-being upfront in terms of design and construction.

Tne Intelligent Wall system is in production to be installed in Hotel buildings in Dubai, China and the United States.

NASA Studies and TAA Group are in the process of providing the Intelligent building, a combination of the Intelligent Wall and Smart Architecture.



      The Intelligent Wall        


IW on the International Business News


The Intelligent Wall is Here.....

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Green Tips" Podcasts

Some tips to living green or Environmentally friendly:

1  - Switch off all lights when not needed or as you go back and forth.

2  - Wash clothes in cold water - Washing Machine uses 90% of its energy to heat the water.

3  - Clean the lint filter in your gas or electric dryer.

4  - Use a clothesline or air dry cloths.

5  - Local authorities now use hydro-electric windmills and solar farm lands to reduce cost.

6  - Isolate your fridge from vents, heaters etc.

7  - Forgo cleaning products for plain white vineger and hot water.

8  - Make your garden green grass hardy perennial, they need less water to survive.

9  - Buy Biodegradable Pots for your home and garden.

10 - Whether it's bedding furniture, flooring or wall and window coverings, do without the use of plastics.

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TAA Group launches Natural Advance Systems in Architecture - NASA -

TAA Group together with NASA Studies introduces the Intelligent Wall System

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